A Program for Domestic Violence Survivors

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Nuzzles & Co. partners with local domestic abuse shelters to house and care for the pets of domestic violence survivors. We provide a safe haven for these pets for as long as their people need us to.

Many domestic abuse shelters will not accept pets, which is a major deterrent for women seeking to escape abusive situations. They worry about what will happen to their pets if they leave.

The Purple Paw Program is responsible for protecting the pets who belong to abuse survivors who are unable to safely keep them while they are staying in a human shelter. Through our extensive network of foster families, Nuzzles & Co. provides a safe and loving environment for these displaced pets, while they await reuniting with their owners. We provide full medical attention, exercise, nutritious meals, and lots of extra love because these pets have been through a lot too. We arrange for the owners to safely visit their pets, during this time in which they are separated. We do not charge for the service we provide, and we keep these pets as long as the owner needs us to.

Once these women and their children are placed in safe housing, their pets are returned to them. The reassurance that their pets are safe and cared for during these difficult situations brings peace of mind to both the victim and the family.

Your donation to Nuzzles & Co. helps support programs like the Purple Paw program, bringing solace and support to victims of violence.

Watch this video to learn more about the life changing work that we do for the community.


Purple Paw Program