Ben’s Bank Medical Fund

At Nuzzles & Co., we rescue homeless, abandoned and injured animals. We rescue the most vulnerable among the homeless population and bring them back to our Rescue Ranch. Some of these animals need extensive medical care, surgery and rehabilitation. We are committed to giving them all the help they need and get them on their way to living a long life in a loving home—free of pain, illness and injury.

We have rescued animals found injured by automobiles on the side of the road and provided life-saving surgery, time to recuperate and physical rehabilitation. Other times, we have rescued animals who have untreated illnesses that have almost taken their life. And we help animals who have life-long diseases like FIV, Calicvirus, diabetes and set them up with families who can care for them—and, in many cases, we supply medicine for the rest of the animal’s life.

To do this life-saving work, we have created a bank for emergency medical funds. These funds make it possible for us to take the emergency case that we know will cost more while still being able to provide exceptional care to our cat and dog population.

You can ensure that animals in need receive the medical care required for a long and healthy life by making a tax-deductible contribution to Ben’s Bank Angel Fund. This fund, designated solely to support the medical costs for special needs cases, enables pets to receive the lifesaving treatment they require. Through Ben’s Bank Angel Fund, Nuzzles & Co. is able to take in difficult cases and ensure that no pets are left behind.

Who is Ben?

Ben Ben_WaterTherapy BenWaterTherapy2

Ben is a very special dog. He is a one-year-old Great Pyrenees – a working dog that belonged to a local rancher – that is, until he was struck by a car and severely injured.  His owner refused to pay for any medical care, stating that they had no use for a broken herding dog; in fact, they recommended that he be shot on the side of the road.  Thankfully there were several good samaritans who intervened and rescued the gentle giant.  Billie Harsch stopped at the scene and has followed through as Ben’s guardian angel during his whole ordeal.   Dr. Carl Prior and his staff at Park City Animal Clinic saved his life and during his 6 week stay at the vet clinic. They helped him first to stand, and then to walk again.  Though he still has some neurological issues, he is able to walk, run, swim and play.  Given the dire circumstances surrounding his rescue, Nuzzles & Co. (at the time, we were called Friends of Animals Utah) agreed to take him into their program and be responsible for his medical care and ultimately, his adoption to a new loving home.  The entire community rallied around this amazing dog and his struggle to walk again.

In Ben’s honor, Nuzzles maintains our special fund, Ben’s Bank, so that we are able to help other animals like Ben who need expensive, specialized medical care that is above and beyond what our normal adoption program can afford.  Please help another deserving animal in desperate need by making a donation to Ben’s Bank today. Thank you.

Please watch this video of Ben’s remarkable journey

Ben’s Bank Medical Fund